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A paramount aspect of our service is invested in understanding what compromises the mechanical and aesthetic appeal of the product throughout its lifespan. We understand the technical aspects of flexible packaging standards for the industry, including odour migration testing, specialized substrates to enhance packaging versatility and the use of barrier laminated substrates for direct product packaging.


Our expertise has allowed us to engineer wrap-around labels to suit precision high-speed application as well as maintain superior aesthetics for the beverage market across platforms throughout the product lifecycle.

Shrink Sleeves

The need of a specialised, shrink sleeve manufacturer and strong after-support focusing on the FMCG industry is essential.  A packaging partner that is invested and integrates its vision with a brands’ purpose in the market place is what we label as millennial- conscious packaging.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Our offerings are derived from intelligently innovated PSL substrate-adhesive combinations that are rub and scratch resistant, provide a tactile look and feel, allow brand protection designs, and withstand strenuous ice-bucket, refrigeration and other accelerated ageing conditions.